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About Blue Ocean®


Blue Ocean® Screen production begins by utilizing Nippura’s highest optical grade of cell cast acrylic panels. This is the best grade of acrylic with the highest optical properties and tolerances, the same acrylic (PMMA) we use for our aquarium products around the globe. Almost all other conventional screens are made commodity grade extruded acrylic. Blue Ocean® Screens are processed to exacting uniform thickness so there is no surface waviness like what is easily found on conventional screens made from extruded acrylic.


The screens utilize the proprietary diffuser Blue Ocean®. This highly efficient micron order multi-scattering diffuser radiates out uniform brightness and brilliantly balanced colors.


Blue Ocean® is not coated onto the screen surface like conventional screens. Blue Ocean® is cast within an acrylic monomer matrix into a hi-tolerance 2.5mm plane centered between the two cell cast acrylic plates. Diffusion takes place in the center of the screen. This configuration makes the Blue Ocean® medium essentially impossible to damage from normal wear and tear, shields out ambient light for far greater ambient light performance at much lower gain metrics with amazing contrast, and creates the deep bodied effect that differentiates it from all other screens.


Blue Ocean® Screens will not end in expensive obsolescence; made from an innovative proprietary diffusion material which does not restrict resolution, the screen never needs to be upgraded and does not degrade like many of today’s hi-tech displays. Blue Ocean® Screens can fully utilize and enhance all upcoming advancements in hi-resolution feed & hi-definition projectors without the hassle and expense of upgrades typical of other media technologies.

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About Nippura  

Nippura is known for its core business of creating the world's largest acrylic panels, tunnels, cylinders and spheres for the professional aquarium industry. Nippura was the first company ever in 1968 to produce a large scale aquarium from acrylic (PMMA). Nippura has been the catalyst for the modernization of theme park aquariums. While Nippura Aquarium products can be found all over the world, you may find yourself staring through them at some of the more local notable aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Atlantis Paradise Island, Baltimore Aquarium, New York Aquarium, Ripley's Aquarium Gatlinburg, & the new Georgia Aquarium just to mention a few... The largest size Aquarium Window Aqua-wall® created to date by Nippura measures more than 74' x 27' x 2' thick (297,000 lbs) and is listed in the 2004 Guinness Book of Records. Nippura's technology for consistently producing high tolerance cell case acrylic in large sizes with exacting optical properties has been leveraged for developing Blue Ocean® Rear Projection Screens.

Visit www.nippura.com for more information. Not  a  projection, actual  photo of  Okinawa
Aquarium Tank through Nippura Aqua-wall
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