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How are Blue Ocean® Projection Screens suitable for outdoor use?


Blue Ocean® Projection Screens are the first ever to cast the screen into a hi-tolerance viewing plane centered between two ultra-clear slabs of cell-cast acrylic, the same type of material used to make the largest aquariums around the world and hi-optic fighter jet canopies. Normal wear and tear scratching has no long-term effect on the screens’ performance, and a ten year old screen, simply re-polished, will literally look and perform exactly as it did the day it left the factory. Because of its durability, outdoor applications of entertainment around the garden and pool are possible - and encouraged.  Users are no longer forced to deal with the risk of conventional surface-mounted screens that can be easily rendered useless by the slightest damage or scratch. Even if it starts blowing a nor’easter with rain and snow, there is no need to worry about the screen; remember this is the same material that is in Shamu’s bay window. Blue Ocean® is rigid, insulates, and is durably weather resistant so there is really nothing better suited for outdoor theater.

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