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Consumer Assistance

This section has been designed to answer some of the general questions that consumers might face when contemplating a home theater or media room.


Do-Everything-Myself Craftspeople:

Typically, our policy is not to sell directly to the public; for craftspeople who are capable & experienced in construction and projects, please contact apv@usnippura.com  or call Tony at 704-561-9191 to discuss special arrangements. (do not contact if you are a novice)



Understanding Basic A/V Jargon

  Aspect Ratio
  Contrast Ratio
  Display Technologies
Plasma TVs vs. Projection
  Cost Efficiency
  Plasma TV Burn-in Risk
Types of Projection Screens
  Optical Screens
  Diffusion Screens
Planning a Home Theater
  Rear vs. Front Projection
  Seating & Viewing Distances
  Proper Distance Behind Screen
  Screen Gain Levels and View Angles
  Download the Designing an Entertainment Room with Performance & Function Case Study



Outdoor Deck Movies Video Clip 1
Outdoor Deck Movies Video Clip 2
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