Reseller Support Material

Blue Ocean Sizes.pdf   (17kb)
Blue Ocean Product Glimpse.pdf   (378kb)
Stock Product Line.pdf   (1.7mb)
Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions.pdf   (23kb)
Sales Order Example.pdf  (22kb)
Sales Order General Conditions.pdf  (14kb)
Screen Handling Instructions.pdf  (25kb)
Outdoor Installation Detail.pdf   (76kb)
Blue Ocean Photo Gallery 1
Blue Ocean Photo Gallery 2
Hemisphere Screen
Marketing Materials
Blue Ocean Product Glimpse.pdf   (378kb)
BlueOceanAdvertisement.jpeg   (571kb)
BO Logo1.jpeg   (27kb)
BO Logo2.jpeg   (38kb)
Blue Ocean WebBanner1.jpeg   (33kb)
Blue Ocean Projection Screens Press Kit.doc  (230kb)
Clarex Blue Ocean Projection Screen Information
Clarex BOS-C0451 Information.pdf   (724kb)
Clarex BOS-F5711W Information.ppt   (880kb)
Drifter Documents
Blue Ocean Drifter Price Guide.pdf   (34kb)  Updated 11/12/07
Blue Ocean Drifter Customer Brochure.pdf   (94kb)
Blue Ocean Drifter Information Packet.pdf   (302kb) Includes drawings, dimensions, attachment plate specs, and a detail form that must be completed an submitted with order
Luminance Calculator  (105kb)
Anti-ghosting Calculator  (95kb)
Loan Documents
Blue Ocean Loan Agreement.pdf   (9kb)
Demo Unpacking & Repacking Instructions.pdf   (13kb)
Mounting Options & Assembly
Low Stand Dimensions.pdf   (13kb)
High Stand Dimensions.pdf   (13kb)
Low Stand - 350 Assembly.pdf   (106kb)
High Stand - 750 Assembly.pdf   (74kb)
Stand Push Plate Picture Steps.pdf   (326kb)
Suspension Bracket Assembly Instructions.pdf   (49kb)
Suspension Bracket Picture Steps.pdf   (539kb)
Flush Mount & Universal Tool Kit.pdf  (34kb)
Outdoor Mounting Instructions.pdf   (76kb)
9mm Thick Screen Drapemount Installation.pdf  (147kb)
Showroom Information
Blue Ocean Showroom Floorplan.pdf   (108kb)
Case Study I : Designing an Entertainment Room with Performance & Function.pdf  (445kb)
Case Study II: Home Theater - From Good To Great.pdf  (383kb)
Blue Ocean Showroom Main Theater/Media Room Photo Gallery
Blue Ocean Showroom Outdoor Screen Photo Gallery
MOVE final pictures