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Blue Ocean® Advantages

Super sharp, bright, and high contrast with true black. No black lines, no segmentations, no seams; just high-definition viewing from as close as you like!


Standard gain levels: 0.7, 1.0, 1.3. Absolute best uniformity and amazing contrast. Extremely wide viewing cone both vertically and horizontally, unrivaled uniform brightness edge-to-edge, corner-to-corner. With volume custom order, adjustable gain and contrast for a variety of ambient conditions.

Uniquely deep-bodied 3-D portrayal of digital video and graphics. Amazingly crisp while very soft and gentle on the viewer's eyes; so unique, you must visually experience it to understand.

Blue Ocean® screen at angle: a brilliant, uniform, extremely wide viewing angle. Traditional screen at angle.


NO FRAME: Stunning 100% projection from edge-to-edge, absolutely no frame/tension elements or interruptive effect.

Screen is finely cast at an extreme thickness tolerance in high-grade acrylic monomer between two ultra-clear optical cell cast acrylic plates. Because the actual image plane is centered in the middle of the acrylic and not on the surface like typical screens, it is practically impossible to scratch or damage. No extruded acrylic is used, as is commonly found in other plastic substrate screens with high foreign particle inclusion rates and wavy outer surfaces.

Largest seamless sizes in the world from 72" 16:9 aspect ratio to 340" 22:9 cinema ratio. Custom orders for non-standard aspect ratios, curved, and all encompassing hemispherical simulation screens. Standard stock models are 72", 84", and 100".

270" Blue Ocean® Rear Projection Screen

Standard Screen Thickness: .89", Weight 5.7 lbs./sq. ft.



Stiff, frameless and rigid to stay flat in various environmental conditions. Custom order screen thickness can be made to any size to create absolute frameless rigidity for slanted or hydrostatic screens (pool or aquarium).

Custom top and bottom mounting flanges for angled installations

Suspended models for hanging statically, at angle or for automated introduction/retraction. Acrylic stand models for cantilevered vertically creating spectacular architectural and artistic presentations.

Lateral edges can be masked black or left clear to create an aesthetic glowing side effect.

Indoor or outdoor use. Direct contact with screen with pointers or color markers in presentations. Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Minor scratches and wear/tear fixable by simple surface re-polishing. No lenses or surface screen elements to be damaged.


Asymmetrical projection for projecting and viewing from both sides simultaneously. Great for graphic information and signage.

Capable of faithfully reproducing even the highest definition resolution. All coming advancements in high definition projectors, video game and TV content sources will be fully realized with projection through Blue Ocean® Screens. Screens will not become obsolete with advances in projector and source technology. Future source content and projector output advancements will only look better and better on Blue Ocean® Rear Projection Screens.

  Durable construction allows use
  of dry-erase markers for presentations


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