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Cleaning and Maintenance


Wash screen/stands with lukewarm water and a soft, clean chamois, applying only light pressure. Rinse with clean water and dry by blotting with a chamois. 

Cleaners designed especially for use with acrylic panels, such as NOVUS®, can also be used for regular cleaning. NOVUS® is especially helpful due to its antifog, antistatic, and dust repellent properties. NOVUS® can also be used for stubborn soiling of grease and oils.novus

DO NOT use coarse clothes or abrasives. DO NOT use cleaners on coated surface.

CAUTION: Do not use window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, or any solvents products such as alcohol, glass cleaners, acetone, gasoline, benzene, thinners, pine oil, carbon tetrachloride or lacquer thinners.  Using improper cleaning will permanently damage the acrylic and coated surfaces of screens/stands.  


Normal wear and tear scratching of outer standard acrylic screen surfaces can be removed by use of professional acrylic polishing compounds such as Micro-Surface’s Micromesh® or NOVUS® Fine or Heavy Scratch Remover and by an experienced acrylic polisher.

Surface repolishing should only be conducted by an experienced acrylic polisher and when necessary to remove scratching that is problematic during projection.  Do not attempt to polish if you do not have any experience polishing acrylic. Improper polishing may cause permanent damage to acrylic surfaces. 
Major scratching or an anti-reflection coated screen side may require the complete removal of coating to retain complete projection uniformity however this will then remove anti-reflective function. Minor scratches on coated surfaces are typically not seen/problematic from normal viewing distances. 
CAUTION: DO NOT polish coated surfaces.  There is not repair method for scratched coating!
Micro-Surface Micromesh®                             1-800-225-3006          www.micro-surface.com
Novus® Fine or Heavy Scratch Remover         1-800-584-6872          www.novuspolish.com

Never repackage screens/stands without first reapplying the original clear protective surface film.  Packing without clear protective surface film will cause surface scratching damage from cardboard. Repack in the manner as was shipped.



Download the Blue Ocean Cleaning and Maintenance Guide


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